MOM Retreats

About Retreats

  • We are here to bring Moms together and support each other.
  • You will find information and dates for our upcoming MOM retreats below.
  • Our hope is you take time for yourself and enjoy an experience you will always treasure.

Mom’s on Maternity – Expecting Mama + New Mommy/Baby Connect Retreats

WANTED! Mom’s ready to revitalize their inner goddess! Join us for a sacred soul weekend - tune-up body, mind, spirit, while you tune-into your growing baby, and tune-out all the stressors in life.

Being a mom is hard work, we know from experience. Take a weekend to devote to yourself because you show up for everyone else in your life and you deserve it!! Self care is the first step to a better you. Building connection between you and your baby in utero, can foster a deeper sense of well-bing for both mother and child as your little one prepares to join us on planet Earth.

We’ll walk you through an amazing journey of soul alignment….

  • Prenatal Yoga, Mommy and Me Yoga or Traditional Yoga
  • Meditations for Mom Life Situations
  • Nutrition for You, Your Growing Baby and Family
  • Gourmet Chef Meals
  • Massage + Light Therapy and/or Essential Oil Therapy
  • Sacred Vedic Fire Ceremony - Invoke Your Inner Goddess
  • Sound Healing
  • The Essence of Touch - Asking for What You Need From Your Partner
  • Sacred Birthing Ritual Ceremony - Preparing Spirit for Birth

When we get together, heal and grow as Mothers. Amazing things happen.

Stay informed about our event retreats!