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About Kabrita

Kabrita is a great choice for supplementing breastfeeding for us Mama's going back to work. There are many benefits of weaning onto goat milk, which is much more gentle than cow milk, and more nutrient dense than vegetable milks for toddlers. Please see this special deal from Kabrita for Moms on Maternity! 

Kabrita Goal Milk Formula

About BelleMa

BelleMa believes that one of the most important moments of becoming a mother is when she breastfeeds. BelleMa is confident that it can be a part of these precious moments by providing the utmost comfort, efficiency and hygiene in expressing milk through its uniquely designed and FDA approved Breast Pumps. The company strives to bring encouragement to mothers that breastfeeding is not a choice, but an intricate part of motherhood. BelleMa Breast Pumps unveil the fact that a well-designed and high quality effective breast pump can deliver a nurturing experience that can be life changing for both mothers and babies. In combination with expertise, innovation and the desire to be a part of enhancing the health of many, BelleMa will soon be the choice of many nursing mothers all around the world as it brings...Only the BEST in Breastfeeding!   

Breastfeeding Pumping Mom

About Healthy Times Baby

Trusted by moms since 1980, Healthy Times delivers premium, wholesome products to provide a healthy foundation during early childhood development. Healthy Times’ line of nutritious and delicious food is sourced sustainably and includes an organic toddler formula, a collection of vegan and organic baby cereals, vitamin-rich Arrowroot cookies, Hugga Bear cookies and organic teethers, as well as a vegan baby care line. Healthy Times products are available on Amazon and in select retailers nationwide. For more information, visit the Healthy Times website and follow on Instagram and Facebook.