Aimee Cruz, CEO

Aimee Cruz, is a visionary thinker and disciplined planner. She has been leading Moms on Maternity, as CEO, since founding it in early 2017, Prior to founding Moms on Maternity, Aimee served as a Sr. Manager at Deloitte. She worked with Fortune 500 clients in the areas of Risk Consulting, Innovation Consulting and Strategy Consulting for over 12 years. Aimee is Mom to two little boys and Wife to a brilliant husband. She and her family live in San Diego, CA, and enjoy laughing, dancing, spending time in nature and traveling. Please see her full bio here.

Ali Glinsky, MOM Educator

Moms on Maternity Educator, Ali Glinsky has a passion for parenting. She has a BA from University of Arizona in Communications, Sociology and Spanish. As a New Parent Educator she plans to support parents through all the transitions that comes with having a new baby. Previously, she ran and grew a family business that caters to the most pampered pooches in LA. She loves catching up with friends, traveling and talking shop about all things kids. She lives in Cupertino with her two children and husband.

Hayley Goldberg (LMFT), Raising Toddlers Virtual Village Leader

I specialize in helping parents of toddlers and preschoolers enjoy a loving, happier, calmer, more confident parenting experience with their little ones. My approach is based on respect and compassion for parents. There is no judgement with me because parenting isn’t easy. My work is tailored to helping parents get to the root of their parenting frustrations and challenges and teaching them positive, collaborative strategies that build warm, trusting relationships between parents and children. 

I also work with couples to help them understand and respect their parenting differences and give them tools to develop a partnership in their parenting. When parents collaborate on their parenting and cooperate with each other they raise kids who feel both understood and connected, and family life is more peaceful, relaxed, and loving, and parenting is more FUN!  |   @heartofconnecting

Jen Varela, Certified Sleep Coach

For almost a decade, Jen Varela, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, co-author of “Loved to Sleep”, and the founder of Sugar Night Night, has been helping families teach their babies and toddlers to sleep through the night while keeping tears to a minimum.

As a pediatric sleep consultant, Jen focuses on the needs of each family’s unique sleep goals whether they are a co-sleeping family, room share with their child or the child is in their own room. She is located in San Diego, California and provides video coaching nationwide.  She offers one-one-one sleep coaching services and workshops for 4 ½ month old’s to 5 years old, education and sleep shaping information for parents with infants under 4 ½ months.

Instagram: @SugarNightNight 

Anna Tyson, Partnerships Director

Anna Tyson, has over six years of experience in the hospitality industry, event management and marketing. She is a natural talent in working with diverse teams and moved to California in 2016, where she met her husband and started a family. Aimee and Anna connected at Moms on Maternity events when their babies were small and have shared passion, energy and business drives.

Brooke Apffel, Coastal Collective Marketing

Moms on Maternity is also proud to work with the Coastal Collective Marketing team. Brooke Apffel, Founder, is a strategic partner and asset to much that we do here at Moms on Maternity. They have led the design of our rebrand, developed our new website, and work for us on Resource Partners and marketing strategies.