Working Mama Mentor Matchups


Each month get matched up with a fellow Working Mama and learn tips from each other for Mom life and Career growth.


To apply for the program, please complete the application below. The information you provide will be sent to your Mentor Buddy each month. Once you are signed up, you will receive a sample agenda for you and your Mentor Buddy.


For each Mama you invite to this program that enrolls, you will be credited a free month. Otherwise it is only $20 per month! You can cancel at any time.


Other benefits of the Mentor Program include MOM specially curated monthly videos and articles from business leaders, fitness experts, entrepreneurs, and psychology thought leaders sent via email along with your Match Up.


You will receive your first mentor Match Up on the 2nd of the month following your enrollment. Cheers to new contacts and learning!


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"I’m excited to be a part of this Mentor Match-Up program because I love bringing out a greater vision in others and seeing it come to life in their relationships and businesses. What I'd like to explore are more ways to streamline my work and create engaging marketing strategies. - Luci Lampe


"With all the massive transitions of being a working mom, it’s easy to feel alone at times. Through our working mom community and mentor match up program, I've gained motivating, validating and supportive ways to work through these challenges that we all face in one way or another in juggling our many roles. As a dedicated teacher and side hustle entrepreneur (Hannas Momma Snacks), without any business background, I look forward to all the shared resources and strategies we can take away from one another through a mentor program. - Hanna Gneiting


"It's exciting to be part of a community of women where I can share insights from my years of experience in brand storytelling and growth strategies, while learning from others on maximizing my time, acquiring new business, and balancing motherhood along the way. - Correy O'Neal


"Working moms face many unique challenges and I am excited to be a part of the Mentor Match-Up program to build relationships with other working mamas. As a business owner and lawyer, I would love to learn from other moms who also juggle entrepreneurship and motherhood. I would also love to help other moms think big, realize their true passion and set goals for their future! - Nikki Semanchik