Did You Know?

The United States of America is one of the only countries in the world that does not have NATIONAL Paid Family Leave by law.

Only five States have passed STATE Paid Family Leave laws in the USA as of 2020.

Only 16% of American private-industry employees had access to Paid Family Leave in March 2018.

Let's Make Change


National Paid Family Leave is an opportunity for a stronger workforce, mentally healthier individuals, and better connected family support systems. Paid Family Leave is a win for workers, businesses, and the community as a whole. 

Parents should feel safe staying home with their baby, without the risk of financial hardship or loss of career potential. Help us get NATIONAL PAID FAMILY LEAVE passed so that every individual has an opportunity to heal their body, bond with baby, and adequately prepare themselves before returning to the workforce. 

Democrats and Republicans both say they want this. It is a bi-partisan concern and the media is not giving this enough attention. If we, the citizens, make it clear that we will stand together for fair provision of paid family leave, our government officials will hear our cries. Moms on Maternity is positioned to ensure that our concerns are heard. 

To date, Moms on Maternity has been featured on FOX News and CBS News, demonstrating the ability to get premiere coverage of this conversation. Help us take the steps to get a formal bill presented and passed. We will not stop until it is done and we know how to be bold. 

Donate and support MOM as we lead the fight and lobbying efforts towards National Paid Family Leave.

Want the full report on the current state of National Paid Family Leave in the USA?

Select private sector companies have taken inadequate paid family leave coverage into their own hands, understanding the business benefits and their corporate responsibility. Moms on Maternity has put together a FREE Report on the Current State of Paid Family Leave in the USA. Download our report to learn about how each states’ paid family leave laws compare with the rest of the world, what the US political parties are saying and doing, and why large companies who rely on top talent have implemented their own paid family leave programs.


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