How does your company rank?

Having a baby changes the way a person thinks about life and work. Moms on Maternity is here to help you seize a real opportunity. We want to help you – the leadership team – make this special group of talent feel appreciated and respected during this time in their lives. Family friendly programs inspire loyalty, performance, and ultimately lead to business growth and value creation for all stakeholders.

Get the tools to change the way family and work coexist.

The Assessment

Take our Assessment as the first step in creating or validating a supportive, family-friendly work culture. Find out which programs and solutions best fit your company while creating the largest impact for your employees. 

The Workshop

Our customized approach includes surveying the organization and working with the executive team to prioritize programs and policies. We help you align on a vision and design a family-friendly work culture program tied to what you want to be known for and what is most important to your people.