We want you to LOVE each event you attend. All events are designed to include social and learning time. Our goal is for each MOM to gain professional insights and new MOM friends.



I started Moms on Maternity shortly after having my second son. My desire was to connect with other like-minded moms who were also on maternity leave (or who would be soon) to talk babies, children, health, and careers.

I knew I was lucky, as I was being supported by my employer, while on Maternity Leave, but so many don't have this benefit. So I created Moms on Maternity to promote the importance of employer-supported maternity leave to allow moms to bond with their babies and find support navigating motherhood in the workplace.

Aimee Sando Cruz




I became a mom in April of 2017 when I gave birth to my daughter, Siena.  While my husband and I were elated to start a family, like many working moms, I was worried about how to balance it all.  That’s where Moms on Maternity came in.  I’ve been inspired by the women I’ve met in this group.  When it comes to fitness, I want other moms to feel the same.  I’m a firm believer in taking time for YOU.  For me, that comes in the form of being active.  Aside from being a wife, mother, and working journalist, I spend my free time working out.  I like to mix it up…..from running, to spinning, yoga, and Pilates.  There’s no better feeling than putting in a good sweat, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.  Every little bit counts!  The biggest benefit?  When mama’s happy… is too!

Shannon Handy Grassi





I am an east coast transplant, the wife of a corporate finance/surfer dude, and a mom of two beach babes, Jude and Lila. After a challenging postpartum recovery, I became determined to help moms heal better and stronger from pregnancy and childbirth. As a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, I understand that our bodies are capable of incredible healing when given the right support. There is a gap in our current medical system to facilitate this healing in new moms, so I am here to help bridge that gap and empower women to find their strength in motherhood.

Anna Grant



Our New Mom events are about talking babies, kids, and careers with fellow Moms who are on Maternity Leave (who will be soon or who are back at work!). Connect with like-minded Moms and meet new friends. Events are 100% baby and breastfeeding friendly! Please bring your strollers and anything else you want with you.


New Mom


Come explore and gain new perspective on professional practices, business tools, and hot technology. The events are free, but capped, so make sure to sign up. Think Tank events are in collaboration between Zipdev and Moms on Maternity.

See you soon!



Dinner Party

We at MOM are thrilled to team up with local restaurants to host our Working Mama Dinner Parties and Networking Events. Our dinner parties are an evening out with other local business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and career-minded professional Mama’s. Each event is a great chance to get out of the office or home, and meet new Moms who are eager to exchange ideas, make connections, explore partnerships, get to know you, or just talk about Motherhood. At each event we incorporate a fun networking game where one attendee walks away with a special gift from our sponsors.

Whether you have a specific business or career goal in mind, or just see the value in having deeper roots in the community, this is the event for you.


Dinner party

Working Mom Fitness

Join us as we embark on fun fitness classes and gain new Mama workout friends. Our fitness programs are designed exclusively for Moms on Maternity. We understand the importance of moms taking time for themselves, working up a sweat, and inspiring one another. We can’t wait to see you!