Call Me A Woman | Aimee Cruz interviews Laurie Levin | On Way to Equality and Peace | Human Rights


  • In this episode, Aimee Cruz, interviews, author and activist Laurie Levin about her new book, Call Me A Woman. Her passionate view is that when we give women the same respect and opportunities as men, we give the world its best chance for peace, prosperity, and survival. Call Me A Woman combines Levin’s personal story, including multiple sexual assaults, years of research, global studies, and activism. Laurie shares with Aimee things parents can do to help change the world and habits that can lead to more equality in our communities and world at large.
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Aimee Cruz

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Aimee Cruz, is a visionary thinker, connector and dreamer. She has been leading Moms on Maternity, as CEO, since founding it in early 2017, Prior to founding Moms on Maternity, Aimee served as a Sr. Manager at Deloitte. She worked with Fortune 500 clients in the areas of Risk Consulting, Innovation Consulting and Strategy Consulting for over 12 years. Aimee is Mom to two little boys. They reside in beautiful San Diego, CA, and enjoy laughing, dancing, spending time in nature and learning.