Talk Back Barbie: The Secret Service Edition | Aimee Cruz and Lauren Fernandez talk Bossy Strong


  • In this incredibly fun talk, Aimee Cruz, Founder of Moms on Maternity, and Lauren Fernandez, Author of Talk Back Barbie The Secret Service Edition discuss the story and powerful message within Lauren's new book. Lauren's first real job as a Secret Service agent paved the way for her Journey, now she is Mom to a second grader and a new-found Author. Her professional roles are vast since leaving the CIA but one theme remained - her ability to challenge the status quo in ways that led to personal growth, change, and empowerment. Lauren works part-time, volunteers at her son's school, hosts a book club, plays tennis, and takes care of dogs. I hope you enjoyed the video.
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Aimee Cruz

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Aimee Cruz, is a visionary thinker, connector and dreamer. She has been leading Moms on Maternity, as CEO, since founding it in early 2017, Prior to founding Moms on Maternity, Aimee served as a Sr. Manager at Deloitte. She worked with Fortune 500 clients in the areas of Risk Consulting, Innovation Consulting and Strategy Consulting for over 12 years. Aimee is Mom to two little boys. They reside in beautiful San Diego, CA, and enjoy laughing, dancing, spending time in nature and learning.