Free Spirit Psychologist | Traci Moreno's Move From Clinical, Forensic to Whole Person | StepMom


  • Traci Moreno has a great story as she moved from clinical and forensic psychology to Free Spirit - at Free Spirit she specializes in working with Non-Typical families. Her perspective is from that of a full-time stepmom of two boys with no kids of her own. She became a stepmom when the kids were in elementary school and they’re now both in college. Traci had a challenging and sometimes devastating time being a stepmom but overcame it all. She now specializes in treating stepfamilies. Aimee Cruz, Founder of Moms on Maternity, and Traci have a wonderful discussion on what it means to treat the whole person - mind, body, and spirit as well as how Traci's journey as a step-mom looked. The vision at Free Spirit is to work with the WHOLE person- mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically. One person cannot do this all, which is why Free Spirit teamed up with other practitioners who specialize in specific areas of healing.
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Aimee Cruz

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Aimee Cruz, is a visionary thinker, connector and dreamer. She has been leading Moms on Maternity, as CEO, since founding it in early 2017, Prior to founding Moms on Maternity, Aimee served as a Sr. Manager at Deloitte. She worked with Fortune 500 clients in the areas of Risk Consulting, Innovation Consulting and Strategy Consulting for over 12 years. Aimee is Mom to two little boys. They reside in beautiful San Diego, CA, and enjoy laughing, dancing, spending time in nature and learning.