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written by, Aimee Cruz | Moms on Maternity Founder & CEO

Businesses, like babies, grow up. If you are reading this, it means our new website has launched. I started Moms on Maternity when my second son was two months old – he is now two and a half! I wanted to meet more career-oriented, like-minded women who also just had a baby and were planning to go back to work or build a business. With my first son (who is now almost 5!), I did not take the time to make many Working Mom friends during my maternity leave, and I knew this was my chance with my second son. I was blessed to not have to go back to work until each of my boys were five months old thanks to a combination of living in California and working for Deloitte and Touche.

This business started as a series of events. Each month, New and Expecting Moms would attend with their babies and we would have a guest speaker on a topic related to Baby, Self or Career. The real magic was in connecting with each other, however, and leaving with new Facebook or Playdate friends. There have been so many women who have connected because of Moms on Maternity events and we are very honored to have had a role in building community for New Moms who can, at times, feel isolated.

We all need connection. Humans are wired to feel part of something bigger than themselves. We want personal fulfillment, love and strong family relationships. We want to be great parents. We also need to work (well most of us do anyway) for economic reasons.

After having my first son in 2014, I had much fear about going back to work. I networked internally at Deloitte and found a new role where I could work from home 100%. After 6 months, I realized the role was not for me and returned to designing and delivering client workshops in major USA cities. I still was able to work from home but also went on the road for 1 – 4 nights at a time monthly or every other month. I ended up hiring a nanny for my boys as I did not realize how long the waitlists are for daycares near my house for babies.

I think a lot of women are scared to go back to work after having a baby. I wanted to build a community of Working Parents where we could see each other, talk and realize we are not alone in needing to work and wanting to be amazing parents.

The days are long but the years are short and Moms on Maternity has now after two years hit a new and major milestone. This is our first ever rebrand with our new logo and enhanced mission to fight for National Paid Family Leave. How is it that America is one of the only countries to not guarantee workers paid family leave; there are only five states that do.

Aimee Cruz

Founder and CEO Moms on Maternity


Aimee Cruz

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Aimee Cruz, is a visionary thinker, connector and dreamer. She has been leading Moms on Maternity, as CEO, since founding it in early 2017, Prior to founding Moms on Maternity, Aimee served as a Sr. Manager at Deloitte. She worked with Fortune 500 clients in the areas of Risk Consulting, Innovation Consulting and Strategy Consulting for over 12 years. Aimee is Mom to two little boys. They reside in beautiful San Diego, CA, and enjoy laughing, dancing, spending time in nature and learning.